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Nagtibba Trek

Welcome to Nag tibba trek is the nearest trek route from Dehradun/Mussoorie /Rishikesh for the trekkers visiting Garhwal region, Uttarahand. The trek destination can be reached within 9-10 hours from Delhi.

Dehradun, Mussorie, nanbagh, Shrikot / Bhatwari. Welcome to Nag tibba trek is the nearest trek route from Dehradun/Mussoorie /Rishikesh for the trekkers visiting Garhwal region, Uttarahand. The trek destination can be reached within 9-10 hours from Delhi. The short description is shown below: Location : Nag tibba, distt.- Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Trekking route altitudes : Min: 4590 ft. (at Pantwari) & Max. 9915 ft.(Nag tibba top) Total length of trek route : 28 km apprx.

The first name of Nag Tibba has been driven from ‘Nag Devta’. ‘Tibba’ is a local word for hill or peak. In order to get the protection for the cattle, the local villagers come here to worship. Nag Tibba trek (Altitude: 9915 ft) is one of the most liked short treks, near Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Far from maddening crowd, those who want to view the panoramic sights of Himalaya range, dense forest and wild life, Nag Tibba trekking is best suited trekking route.

If the weather favours you the himalayan range which can be viewed from Nag Tibba are Bandarpoonch peak, the Gangotri group of peaks, Kedarnath peak in the north, Doonvalley and the snow peaks of Chanabang.
The weather of the Nag Tibba can also be checked by Mussoorie’s weather. The aerial distance between Nag Tibba range and Mussoorie is apprx. 15 km.

There are 4 routes for Nag Tibba trekking. One of the routes has been recommended, but other routes can also be arranged on demand. In Nag tibba trekking route from Pantwari, small vehicles like Bolero can be further used to shorten the trek till Lasser village. So, the other trekking option is depicted below: Pantwari to Lasser village by road. From Lasser village, further 5 km for Nagtibba base by trek and 3 km further for Nag Tibba top

The Nag Tibba summit ! This satisfying circuit used to be a classic three day trek but now, with motor roads reaching the furthest village, you can be at the base of the mountain in a morning's jeep ride from Mussoorie. However the fact remains that four good reasons for doing this trek are still valid: Nag Tibba is a few feet short (9915ft) of the magical 10,000 ft mark. The mountain's mixed oak and deodar forests are dense and isolated, and host to a rich variety of birds and widlife. It has a romantic association with Heinrich Harrer's best-selling Seven Years in Tibet as he escaped, in 1944, from a Dehradun prisoner of war camp. And it possesses a unique cultural identity where the Garhwali lifestyle, traditionally based on reverence for the Ganga, has been influenced by her younger sister the Yamuna. The village of Lakhamandal on the Yamuna is reckoned to be the site of the Mahabharata incident in which the Kauravas tried to immolate the Pandavas in a palace made of lac.

You don't really need porters for this weekend trek unless you are a group that wishes to savour the flavour of camping out. Many trekkers doss down in the village primary schools overnight, or head for the Gujjar grazing sites to sleep out under the stars on Nag tibba. The gujjars are extremely hospitable and make for another highly rewarding cultural study. Their dignity and integrity deserves to be emulated not destroyed. WARNING: Bears are for real here and no villager will venture on to Nag Tibba except in the full light of the day !

The path is overgrown and becomes steeper and more obscure as you ascend towards the 10,000 ft mark. You pass the Nag Devta Temple, a tiny replica of the Devalsari pagoda, where the local villagers pray to the Nag Devta (snake God) for the protection of their cattle. Eventually reach for the site of the ruined bungalow sited for a stunning snow view of Bandarpunchh, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Swargarohini , Changabang and many other peaks. From here, you have to force a way eastwards up the steep and densely forested summit ridge.

Formerly, musk deer were known at this altitude, but have been driven higher by the trappers. The Himalayan black bear is not uncommon here and, if faced by one, it is recommended you run downhill since bear has short forepaws that make downhill running difficult - atleast in theory ! Trees with the bark rubbed off at the base may be a sign of an even more dangerous beast - the wild boar that tends to frequent the muddy water holes, of which Nag Tibba has quite a few. From Thatyur, to the top of Nag Tibba takes nearly 8 hrs but, while getting down, using short-cuts and availing of the increasing transport facilities, you can be back in Mussoorie in the evening of Day 2. Indeed, you can be back in Delhi (via the Shatabdi from Dehradun) the very same evening !

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