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Adventure Courses

Duration – 8 days
Highest points:- 1920mtr ( 3812mt)
Best season – 15 March to 22 March Every year!!
Location Chart: for Adventure Course Dehradun, Mussorie, Nowgaon, Purola, Netwar, Sankari, Judalake, Baiya, Kedarkantha, Dunda Thach, Taloti, Taluka, Sankari!! Organized by Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association Sankri Uttarkashi (Uttarakhand) (India)

h104The various adventure programmes on offer at H.P.M.A are our raison. They are what the Harkidun Protection & Mountaineering Association was first formed to provide. This is where we aim to impact both the practical skills to safely venture into the wilds and to show both instruction and example what having an adventurous spirit really means. Teaching sessions provide the introductory skills and knowledge needed for each activity. These are followed by intensive practice on the wall or out on the nearby crags and hills. On longer courses, the finale is a supervised but self-organized trek which gives trainees the chance to bring all their skills together!!!

What is H.P.M.A

h105HPMA is committed to provide range of services including voluntary services, consultancy in order to facilitate and promote eco-friendly tourism activities in the region of Uttarakhand. It helps provide trekkers with reliable guide and porter services and can arrange all round trekking tour starting from either Dehra Dun or Sankari. It is well endowed with trained professionals like experienced instructors, porter and guide for trekking and mountain expeditions carried out in destinations located in Yamuna Valley (Uttarkashi) . Adventure & Trekking, Expedition Palace, Sankri is a beautiful Market and hill Station.

Various Adventure

h106There is Natural Wall in camp site immense pleasure to be found climbing natural rock, learning the characteristics of each type of rock and the different skills that each requires. It is art as much as a science!


Is a hugely enjoyable method for descending rock faces. It is great fun in its own right, but also a vitally important expeditionary technique.

River crossing:
In times of heavy rains rivers can become uncross ably swollen, bridges may collapse or a casualty may be unable cross the flow alone. River crossing practice shows you how to overcome such obstacles!.

Zip Line/ Rope Line

h107A zip-line (or zip line, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial rope slide, death slide, flying fox, a cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, down which a person slides for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley or handle. But we use to only static Rope etc zip Line Activates very Special Our Company Secretary Mr. Chain Singh & Trek Leader Mr, Kuldeep Rawat Teaching to you Zip Line/ Rope line at Juda Lake our first Camp site and supin at sankri !!

Adventure course

h108Our H.P.M.A Director Mr. bhagat Singh rawat teaching to you Specially Our basic adventure course for participants gives a solid grounding in all climbing and camping activities. Knots, rope handling, safety procedures and camp craft are all taught. Trainees then have the chance to try out sport climbing, rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing. A short but intense programme! More times means that skills can be further developed, with more time available to perfect the various techniques. is initially followed, and those skills rehearsed, but time is also given to basic expedition planning and Advance techniques search-and-rescue techniques. A Three days trek Kedarkhantha Peak (3812mt) and overnight stay is the challenging culmination of the course ideal for those looking to kick-start their adventurous career!

Kedarkantha Peak trek 

h109Day 1: Sankri 6,450 ft to Juda Lake 9,100 ft. by trek (5km) night Stay in tents Camp

Day 2: Juda Lake 9,100 ft to Kedarkanta Peak Summit (3812mt) 12,500 ft Krase night stay in tents camp !!.

Day 3: Kedarkantha Base to Sankri by trek (8km) night stay in Swargarohini Palace Harkidun Road Sankri

Trips Highlight

h110Travel from DehraDun to Sankari (215kmt) by luxury coach/ Max, Bolaro,_) (lunch on route ) on arrival check Sankari , Hotal SwrgaRohni Palace at Sankari which is located on the confluence of the Supin River at Sankari Left side a small village sour so looking four nice view for harkidun and swargarohani peak Sour village Lord of Somiswar Temple and Rite side Supin River The best Know valley in the region is the pretty Har ki Dun loved for its wids expanse flowers and Mountain views. The valley east of Har ki Dun.!!

Adventure & Trekking, Expedition Tips & Trick

h111 Carry well Fitting, sturdy and tried footwear that can be worn with thick pair of sock.
Carry a Wind jacket preferably waterproof and a good raincoat to protect you as well as your rucksack. Pack your heavy items at the top of rucksack, as the centre of gravity should be high rather than low. A good sleeping bag & sheet should be part of your kit.Carry a reasonable amount of tinned food & for that extra pep & bounce chocolates, candies, lozenges. glucose, dry fruits can be packed.

Do nor forget to carry your prescribed personal medication plus medicines for minor & common sickness.
In case of need for potters, arrange them through an agency
A comprehensive data regarding distances, availability of food & saying facilities will make the trek enjoyable.
Do not exhaust your energy by walking too fast.

Training Syllabus of Seven Days

"First Responder" Search & Rescue Course
Training Syllabus for Search & Rescue Course is given in the succeeding paragraphs as follows: -
Part I  Planning Data and Block Syllabus
Part II Detailed Syllabus
Part III Daily Training Programme
Part IV Check Sheet

h114The following instructions are to be noted by all trainees undergoing Search & Rescue course. 
No Sunday or holidays will be admissible during the course.
The duration of each period will be 40 minutes followed by break of 5 minutes
Personal administration will be done during spare time.
15 minutes will be devoted at the end of each day's training towards the maintenance of equipment.
Age group – Between 18 - 40 years physically fit persons.

Each participant will have to submit the registration form before the commencement of the training .

Planning Data

Number of days for the course07 days
Periods per day 08 Periods
Total Periods 80

Block Syllabus 

General Studies24 Periods
Search & Rescue Subjects 56 Periods
Total Periods 80



Part – II
Detailed Syllabus

General Subjects

S.No.SubjectsCode Ref.TypePeriod Allotted
Arrival, Opening address and administration and closing of course, Departure. GS 1 L 6
Definitions, Types of Disasters, General Problems of Disaster Associated Characteristics, Associated Problems of Disasters, Counter measures and grouping of Response measures. GS 2 L 1
Search & Rescues : Elements, stages, Qualities of rescuer and Dos and Don'ts and movement on the Mountainous and land Slide Terrain . GS 3 L/D/P 1
First Responders Kit/Equipment: Personal protective equipments, Team Kit etc. GS 4 L/D/P 1
Communication for First Responders:, SOS Distress Signal ACP 135 Calls. GS 5 L/D/P 1
First Aids and Medical Care: Physiology, circulatory system, Respiratory system, Fractures, Wounds, Shock, Bandages & Transportation of casualties. GS 6 L/D/P 1
Fire Fighting Techniques: Theory Of Combustion different types of fire, extinguishers and Application areas, familiarization with improvised fire fighting equipments and techniques. GS 7 L/D/P 1
Flood Rescue: Flood and their cause, Improvised flood Rescue techniques. GS 8 L/D/P 1
Knots Test, Final test, test review. GS 9 L/D/P 1
Total 24



Search & Rescue Subjects: -  

Sl. No.SubjectsCode Ref.TypePeriod Allotted
Introduction of terrain, Rescue and Rock Climbing Equipments, its uses, Rope Coiling RS – 1 L/D/ P 5
Uses of ropes, rope knots, lashings and roping up RS – 2 L/D/P 8
Principles of rock climbing and rock hold. Practice on elementary rocks, RS-3 L/D 3
Anchoring, belaying and Practicing climbing in a team RS – 4 L/D 1
Practicing of Rock climbing (using proper holds and belay drill) on short and long rocks, chimney traverses and laybacks. RS-5 P 6
Preparing of base, Methods of Descending; dos and don'ts, Descending (side and long sling,) and Jumaring. RS-6 L/D/P 6
Stretcher making by Hand, ladders, rope stretchers and Bamboos etc, RS-7 L/D/P 6
Various methods of River crossing (One& three rope bridge) RS-8   6
Fire Rescue techniques (Chair Knot lift, Rescue Crawl, Bow line Drag and Toe Drag) RS-9 P 2
Rescue From Flood, and DEMO of Higher Rescue Techniques RS-10 P 2
Pre final exercise and debriefing. RS-11 P 6
Camping and tent pitching. RS-12 L/D/P 5
Total 56

Note: - Abbreviations used:

"GS"for General Studies.
"RS" for Rescue Studies "L" for Lecture.
"D" for Demonstration. "P" for Practical


DatePeriod IPeriod IIPeriod IIIPeriod IVPeriod VPeriod VIPeriod VIIPeriod VIII
15/01/015 GS – 1 GS – 1 GS – 1 GS – 1 GS – 1 GS – 1 RS – 1 RS – 2
16/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 2 RS – 3 RS – 3 RS – 3 RS – 4 GS – 2 GS – 2
17/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 2 RS – 3 RS – 3 RS – 3 RS – 4 GS – 3 GS – 4
18/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 3 RS – 4 RS – 5 RS – 5 RS – 5 GS – 5 GS – 6
19/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 GS – 6 GS – 6
20/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 RS – 6 GS – 6 GS – 6
21/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 7 RS – 7 GS – 7 RS – 11 RS – 11 GS - 7 RS – 7
22/01/015 RS – 2 RS – 8 RS – 8 RS – 8 RS – 8 RS – 8 RS – 12 RS – 12


 Equipment List
Harkidun protection and mountaineering association provide to you :

• Tent, Sleeping bag, Mattress, liner, Breakfast, Lunch, tea, coffee, Sneaks, Dinner Accommodation at sankri , Potable Drinking water , etc
Participants must bring:
• persnol adventure course equpments
• Sturdy hiking boots: preferably all leather upper as it provides better ankle support. If you do not own a pair yet, it is advisable that you buy one as soon as possible & wear it often so that they are well broken. This will help prevent blisters.
• Light weight tennis shoes/sandals: for wearing in camp.
• Wool socks: 3 pairs: preferably thick wool socks.
• Nylon socks: 3- Pairs, of the type you wear daily to be worm under the wool socks to prevent blister.
• Hiking shirt: 1 Preferably long sleeve
• Long John top: 2 also known as thermal underwear, preferably wool to be worm as first layer.
• Warm shirts & pants for camp : 2 each
• Rain cot 1 each
• Warm Jacket: 2
• Wool gloves: 1 pairs as thick as available in the market.
• Long John bottoms: Preferably wool to be worm as first layer.
• Under wear: 2-3 changes Hiking shorts/ pants: 1
• Sun hat: Cotton or nylon. Sun Glasses: Preferably with an anchor
• Sun Protection Lotion: optional Lip balm/chap stick: optional
• Water bottle: 2 Bottles of 1 Liter capacity (Pepsi bottles work well) please insure that they do not leak.
• Head lamp / flashlight: Preferably a headlamp as it leaves your hands free to work please bring extra batteries.
• Toilet articles: Tooth brush, tooth paste, etc………………..Packet Knife: Optional


Adventure & Trekking Expedition
RS 8000
Per Person (Includes All Costs Of The Adventure)

(Sankri To Sankri)

10 March To 18 March 2016

Our Team
Bhagat Singh Rawat (Director H.P.M.A, Sankri)

Education Qualification : - Post Graduates Arts, (PGDDM)

Chain Singh Rawat Secretary H.P.M.A, Sankri

Education Qualification : - Post Graduates Arts, (PGDDM)

View More
Kuldeep Singh Rawat(Trek Leader H.P.M.A)

Education Qualification : - ( Graduates Science,)

Vijay Thapa (Member of H.P.M.A Sankri)

Education Qualification : - ( 10th,)